The high-quality, cosmetic products from High Care ® Cosmetics
Unique on the market and proven for many years, selected preparations from the Blue Line and Nutri Care series from High Care ® Cosmetics support the treatment of cellulite. Exclusive ingredients are intended to optimize the improvement of the skin’s appearance: ivy, marigold and leg wave extracts to stimulate the lymphatic flow, thymus extract and caffeine to activate fat metabolism, firbostimulin to tighten connective tissue, and carnitine and liposomes as effective enhancers. All preparations work individually and stand for unmatched high quality.

Aesthetic Body Care


‘A positive body image’ – that is the goal of regular care with the High Care body care products. The Blue Line preparations promise the highest quality, purity and effectiveness. Selected active ingredients, vitamins and natural oils provide even sensitive skin with exactly the substances that are needed for a velvety-soft and well-groomed complexion. Skin problems such as cellulite and sagging skin can also be counteracted with effective preparations from this product line.

The Blue Line stands for visibly aesthetic skin and a positive appearance.
Well-groomed and confident. From today forever.

Cleansing System

Only an optimally cleaned skin can sustainably absorb and process the active ingredients of a day and night care, mask or ampoule applied afterwards. The unique high care® cleaning products are an indispensable part of facial care and form the basis for your daily care routine. Regardless of whether for the removal of make-up, for general cleaning of the skin on the face, neck and décolleté or for refreshment after a long day – high-quality and high-concentration ingredients ensure individually fitting care for normal, sensitive or oily skin.

Green Line – Basic Facial Care

The Green Line is a basic facial care that can be individually combined and perfectly matched to the personal properties of the skin. The quality and purity of the unique ingredients are guaranteed by many years of experience with the products. Rich, moisturizing or cleansing preparations and masks offer you daily care at the highest level.

The Green Line stands for individual facial care every day.
Face care made just for you. From today forever

Med Line – Cosmeceuticals


The Med Line cosmeceuticals support effective treatments of stressed or damaged skin with high-dose ingredients. Concentrated vitamins, enzymes and proteins create a new skin feeling: intensely cared for and noticeably well cared for. As a result of state-of-the-art biotechnology, these cosmeceuticals are said to revive even flaccid, pale-looking cells. The Med-Line stands for active skin regeneration. Concentrated beauty. From today forever.

Now new: Rosacea Skin Control – the innovative care concept of the Med Line

When the skin looks red … it needs a special product line that nourishes, soothes and conceals: That is what the new care concept High Care® Rosacea stands for! Three medical-cosmetic products that not only remedy the outside, but also have a lasting effect on the inside of the skin against the visible skin changes of couperose and rosacea.

Pure Line


Pure luxury for your skin – that’s what the Pure series from Weyergans stands for.

Pure combines natural ingredients, a high dosage of active substances and only the best of current facial care. The preparations that care for the skin of the face, neck and décolleté holistically and sustainably are as pure and of high quality as the design. Tired cells are stimulated again by the pure products and are more active, elastic and simply beautiful.

So the Pure series stands for a pure, supple skin feeling.
Simply cared for. From today forever.

Timeless Anti-Aging


The Timeless series is an exclusive face and décolleté care for damaged or prematurely aged skin. High-dose mistletoe extracts paired with silk proteins ensure an optimal feeling on the skin and can produce firming effects. Mistletoe has been used to heal the skin and strengthen the immune system in the past. Today, the active ingredient in the Timeless series supports radiantly beautiful, smooth skin.

The Timeless series stands for a leveled skin regardless of age.
Trust in proven active ingredients. From today forever.

Urban Care


Lifestyle skin ageing is the invisible strain on the skin. Every day, pollutants from the air, such as fine dust and exhaust gases, settle on the skin and end in the deep skin structures. Artificial rays, such as the blue light emitted by displays, make our skin tired and pale. The face and décolleté in particular suffer from environmental pollution. The result: premature skin ageing. Provide your skin with the necessary protection with Urban Care. The antioxidant care series from Weyergans high care® cosmetics forms an invisible protective film and has a regenerating effect.

To restore naturally glowing skin.

Sun Care

No hat at hand right now? No problem – because of UV + Care with SPF 50 fits in every pocket!

Protect your skin from UV radiation and help prevent premature ageing. The included sun protection factor 50 provides a protective basis for your start of the day. And the best? With a size of 30ml, the summerly nourishing spray can also accompany you in your hand luggage in every plane!

Sun Care stands for quick help at hot temperatures. Protected in the sun. With the new summer care from Weyergans!

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