Self Charming Mask 50ml

Self Charming Mask 50ml


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Do you see your skin through a grey veil when you look into the mirror? Our highly effective Self Charming Mask conjures up your youthful, fresh complexion!

The wonderfully light cream mask convinces with its unique “tingling effect”. High-dosed glycolic acid supports skin renewal and dissolves dead epidermal cells. The acid also ensures optimal collagen absorption. Your skin appears rosy and visibly refreshed.


Look forward to a youthful glow!

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Tingly cream mask to make the skin feel incredibly soft and give it a well-nourished appearance.

The creamy consistency and the seductive perfume of the mask produce a real wellness experience.

Biotechnologically developed polyhydroxy acids to ensure that the skin immediately feels soft and enable an extremely fast absorption rate of the collagen.

Natural marine collagen regenerates damaged skin and repairs the protective acid mantle.

The skin instantly looks firm, smooth and active.

A special moisturising complex supplies the skin with essential nutrients, giving it a beautiful, youthful appearance.

Apricot oil rounds off this rich yet light formula.


Apply the SELF Charming Mask as required, depending on skin type and condition the SELF Charming Mask can be used every day as day care.

An application as a mask 2-3 times per week is recommended for sensitive skin.

The SELF Charming Mask is particularly effective when applied in the evening. The skin relaxes and regenerates during the night, allowing the collagen extracts to be optimally processed.

  1. Deep-down moisturising – after just one application!
  2. Visibly refined pores – immediately.
  3. Stimulating fragrance and light, soft consistency
  4. Dermatologically tested