Tea Tree Oil 30ml

Tea Tree Oil 30ml


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Pimples, acne and warts are not only a cosmetic problem but unfortunately also often very persistent when it comes to combating them sustainably. Our Tea Tree Oil is a 100% pure tea tree oil that is made in Australia and even belongs to the remedies there. It convinces with its anti-inflammatory and wound-healing effects. Applied locally to pimples, acne or warts, it quickly improves the condition of the skin.

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TEA TREE OIL is a vegetable distillate produced in Australia. It is a 100% pure natural product, the extract from the leaves of an Australian marsh plant. In Australia, the oil has been used for centuries by the Aborigines and is appreciated for its pain-relieving, antimycotic and fungicidal properties. TEA TREE OIL is considered as medicine in Australia. According to the Therapeutic Goods Association, the antiseptic and antimycotic properties are proven. In Europe, there is no restriction on the sale of tea tree oil. In cosmetics, tea tree oil is used for local disinfection of inflammatory, impure skin. It can be added to body lotion and sun lotion, tonic, creams, bath foam and shampoo. TEA TREE OIL helps the skin to protect itself against bacterial infections. It is ideal in combination with sun lotion and body lotion as it can prevent skin irritation. The use of TEA TREE OIL should not be considered a substitute for professional medical treatment. Please avoid contact with the eyes and keep TEA TREE OIL out of reach of children. Store well-closed in a cool, dark place.

Quality features: cineole content: 3-4% on average terpene content: 36.5% on average



Add about five drops of pure tea tree oil to your regular amount of shampoo or other products. Use TEA TREE OIL undiluted on a cosmetic pad for local disinfection of inflammatory or impure skin. Add ten drops of tea tree oil to your bathwater.