Cleansing Foam 100ml

Cleansing Foam 100ml


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This uniquely creamy foam ensures an exceptional pampering experience – even while cleansing your face! The mild cleansing care contains highly effective propylene glycol for maximum moisture. Aloe vera and exclusive mistletoe extract soothe the skin and keep it smooth. High-quality oleic acids also leave the skin feeling silky. The sensual fragrance of rose, geranium, lily and lilac caresses your soul and rounds off the daily care moment. Enjoy your wellness break!

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Active ingredients:

Mistletoe extract

Aloe Vera

Propylene Glycol

Cocamidopropyl betaine (from coconut)


TIMELESS CLEANSING FOAM is a mild cleansing system for demanding skin. It’s creamy, and at the same time, stable foam consistency can be easily applied and massaged in. Through that, the wellness feeling even starts at cleansing!

Chosen substances such as moisturizing Aloe Vera or exclusive mistletoe extract make for an extra portion of care. Additionally, Propylene Glycol supports the balancing of the moisture content of the skin, valuable oleic acid leaves behind a soft and smooth skin feeling.
An exclusive perfume experience rounds off the fine-pored cream foam. For that, flowery scents such as rose, geranium, lily and lilac were combined with summery, lemon-like nuances.