Styler Tea 36g/100g

Styler Tea 36g/100g


Do you also like to enjoy a good cup of tea? Our Styler Tea not only tastes good but also convinces with its effective ingredients! Styler Tea consists of a balanced mixture of selected teas such as green tea, mate tea, lapacho and rooibos. Enjoyed regularly, it supports the body in cleaning the interstitial cells and the fat tissue.

Especially when the tissue of the skin is over acidified, the skin slackens, or cellulite appears, Styler Tea can help to increase the pH value between the tissues and stimulate collagen synthesis. In addition, the individual components of the tea are known for their immune system stabilizing properties. Drink yourself healthy, beautiful, vital and awake!





Green tea

Mate tea


Rooibos tea



The combination of four ingredients of the Styler Tea is particularly well-balanced. It has been

specially developed to support the patented differentiated cellulite therapy and has the effect of

purging, drainage and subcutaneous fat tissue. Through this increases the interstitial pH-value. This encourages as well the enzymatical collagen synthesis as the face-lift.



For one big cup, you have to douse one teaspoon of Styler Tea with boiling water and brew it between four and six minutes. One minor dash of lemon effects a particular mark and can support the immune defence and collagen synthesis in addition.

The Styler Tea is tasty and is drunk at every time of day. The several ingredients are well known for their constitutional and immune system stabilizing characteristics. In particular during the cellulite regime but as well beyond it, you have to pay attention to drink sufficiently (at least 2.5 litres averaged throughout the whole day) in order to purge the organism enough.


Further directions

Because of his high mate portion the Styler Tea helps to reduce weight, possibly suppresses the feeling of hunger and to keep the body sufficiently fit and active and the spirit awake.

The Styler Tea also proves oneself as supporting and channelling measure in acne regimens or in the care of impure skin.

Using the Styler Tea good there are also good experiences in connection with pigmentary abnormalities, indigestions and hair loss; the Styler Tea helps to detoxicate the organism over kidney and bladder.


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