Collamin Liquid (wild cherry taste) 1000ml

Collamin Liquid (wild cherry taste) 1000ml


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Our bodies naturally produce new collagen during collagen synthesis. With the help of enzymes, the existing protein is broken down into its individual components, the amino acids, and then reassembled. With increasing age, under the influence of hormones or through improper nutrition, collagen synthesis no longer functions optimally.

The result: a weak connective tissue that leads to cellulite and wrinkles! Collamin Liquid provides the organism with everything it needs for efficient collagen synthesis! The highly effective nutritional supplement contains collagen hydrolyzate and vitamin B6 as well as hydrolyzed amino acids, which ensure firm skin and healthy bones.

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COLLAMIN is a high-quality food supplement. It provides the organism with vital elements in the form of pure amino acids to promote taut connective tissue and healthy bone growth.


The frame of the skin, the so-called connective tissue, consists just like the bone framework from pure protein, so-called collagen. The connective tissue supports, connects and protects the skin, blood vessels, the tendons and bones, ligaments, organs and muscles.


This protein, the collagen, is continuously being produced afresh in our body (collagen synthesis). With the aid of enzymes, the existing protein is broken down into its individual constituents, the amino acids, and recomposed afresh. The onset of age or the influence of hormones or insufficient or incorrect diet can lead to the collagen synthesis no longer functioning sufficiently. The result: the connective tissue of the skin weakens. This leads to orange peel skin, cellulite and is also considered one of the main causes for wrinkles and varicose veins. With the onset of old age the bones can also become prematurely brittle (osteoporosis).


COLLAMIN supplies the organism precisely with the elements required for an efficient collagen synthesis. The range of pure amino acids in COLLAMIN corresponds exactly to the natural frame proteins needed for skin, bones and joints.


COLLAMIN contains no cholesterin, nor does this food supplement have an allergic potential due to the purity of the contents.

The amino acids in the collamins are available to the organism as highly soluble hydrolysate (enzymatically pre-digested proteins).


Grape skin concentrate and red beetroot extract are added as ancillary substances to the COLLAMIN. These are free-radical scavengers and also help in the fight against premature ageing.


Collamin Fluid 20ml once a day. Collamin Fluid 1000ml is for 45days.