C7 Plus 50ml


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C7 Plus provides soothing moisture and balanced nourishment for the optimal care of your skin. Our C7 Plus day cream contains high-quality, encapsulated vitamin C.

The unique feature: The exclusive, highly effective active ingredient is only released when the delicate texture is gently massaged in, thus serving as a targeted helper when building up your connective tissue. Moisturizing ingredients such as aloe vera and jojoba oil also nourish the skin smoothly.

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C7 PLUS moisturizing day cream for the face and décolleté is used to protect the skin and supply it with moisture. The vitamin C is deliberately encapsulated so that it is not released until massaged into the skin. So each fresh application allows the skin to absorb pure vitamin C. Vitamin C is a valuable aid in building up connective tissue. Aloe vera gel has been known for centuries for its excellent properties of supplying moisture and is used to cleanse the skin. Jojoba oil, called “liquid gold”, is water-soluble so is able to penetrate the skin well, supply it with moisture and make the skin smooth and soft. Allantoin nourishes the skin; to protect the skin titan dioxide has been added to C7 PLUS as a skin-friendly UV filter.



C7 PLUS moisturizing day cream with vitamin C is applied to the face, neck and décolleté after thorough cleansing. It is necessary to massage the cream in lightly to burst the vitamin C pearls.

Allow time to absorb after massaging the skin.


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