Urban Serum 50ml

Urban Serum 50ml


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The highly concentrated formula supports your skin in the fight against harmful environmental influences and free radicals. Your skin‘s protective mechanism is specially strengthened thanks to highly active, antioxidant ingredients such as Imperata Cylindrica and Aloe Vera. The Urban Serum also has a calming effect and, in combination with the Urban Day Cream and Urban Night Cream, offers a regenerative treatment for your skin – regardless of your age! The Power Serum is absorbed quickly and leaves a naturally fresh, more vital and radiant complexion!

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URBAN CARE Serum is a highly concentrated power serum to be used as additional care below a day or night cream. The high-grade ingredients assist the natural regeneration of the skin when it is exposed to environmental pollution, counteracting oxidative stress, activating the skin’s defence mechanism and thus minimizing lines and wrinkles.
Skin type: suitable for any skin type, especially stressed, sensitive skin.

Active substances:

Osmopur ™
Algativ® Zen
Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract
Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil
Imperiata Cylindrica Root Extract
Hyaluronic Acid



Protects again harmful environmental influences
Protects against HEV light
Detox for the skin and connective tissue
Supplies, binds and stores moisture
Smoothing and firming effect
Strengthens the skin’s protective barrier
Moisture booster with a long-term effect
Strengthens the fibroblasts


Mild, thorough cleansing is important before using the URBAN CARE Serum to best prepare the skin for the following active substances. Then the URBAN CARE Serum, which can be economically dosed due to the hygienic pump dispenser, is applied to the skin and massaged in gently, ideally also on the area around the eyes.