Soft Peeling 100ml

Soft Peeling 100ml


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In order to remove superficial cornification of the skin gently but also thoroughly, the regular use of a facial peeling is recommended. Our Soft Peeling contains the finest, natural bamboo abrasives that gently and yet deeply remove dead skin cells without leaving any residue. Thanks to the protein content, the skin‘s protective coat is restored. Noble allantoin and gentle soybean oil also support the skin’s natural oil replenishment processes and provide it with the ideal moisture. For a noticeably, clean and cleared complexion, without any uncomfortable feelings of tension.

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SOFT PEELING is ideal for regular gentle deep cleansing of facial skin. SOFT PEELING contains tiny round abrasive particles to remove scaly skin gently. The natural proteins allow the skin to restore its protective layer and prevent premature reformation of flaky skin. The allantoin and soya oil are to supply the skin with grease and moisture. Arnica is well known for its soothing effect on the skin.



SOFT PEELING should be used once a week or more often depending on need. If the skin is dry SOFT PEELING can be used twice a week. It is massaged into the face, neck and décolleté with moistened hands rinsed off with warm water and then the recommended care product is applied.