Timeless Active Mask 50ml

Timeless Active Mask 50ml


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Pamper your demanding skin with our high-quality face mask based on exclusive mistletoe extract. The innovative active ingredient was used in antiquity to strengthen the immune system and supports the cell regeneration of your skin in our extensive Timeless Active Mask. The cells are protected from damaging environmental influences, and the skin is regenerated from the inside. Dryness wrinkles are alleviated and can even be prevented with regular use. After just one application, the skin appears visibly smooth, feels wonderfully supple and radiates youthfulness.

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Mistletoe Extract

Collagen Activator ASC III

Caviar DNA Marine

Tocopherol (Vitamin E)



TIMELESS ACTIVE MASK with mistletoe provides additional special care for the skin at the change of season when the skin is particularly stressed or as preventative care of the skin. Mistletoe extract supports the immune system, protecting the skin from harmful environmental influences. TIMELESS ACTIVE MASK contains the new collagen activator ASC III which increases collagen synthesis. The caviar DNA marine contained in TIMELESS ACTIVE MASK is a valuable help in supplying the skin with moisture. Vitamin E binds and stores moisture. All the valuable ingredients of TIMELESS ACTIVE MASK and liposomes combine to form complete care and protection of the skin.



After thorough cleansing with TIMELESS CLEANSING FOAM or TIMELESS INTENSIVE CLEANSER, spread the TIMELESS ACTIVE MASK thinly over the face, neck and décolleté. Apply TIMELESS EYECARE around the eyes before using the mask. The TIMELESS ACTIVE MASK stays on the skin for 15 to 20 minutes and is then removed with a warm compress. If used regularly (twice a week), the skin appears finer and smoother.