Timeless Intensive Care 50ml

Timeless Intensive Care 50ml


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Our skin is at top performance while we sleep. Especially demanding skin needs tailor-made night care, which stimulates the cell‘s repair mechanism and regenerates the skin to the maximum until morning.

Timeless Intensive Care has been specially tailored to the needs of demanding skin and, thanks to innovative mistletoe extract, supports the immune system in strengthening itself and boosting cell repair. Valuable jojoba oil penetrates deep into the lower layers of the skin to enrich them with active ingredients, and fine silk proteins form a protective film on the skin. The result: a radiant, even and youthful-fresh reflection the next morning!

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Mistletoe Extract

Jojoba Oil

Sericin (Silk Protein)

Tocopherol (Vitamin E)



TIMELESS INTENSIVE CARE is a rich cream for the care of demanding skin showing the first signs of ageing. TIMELESS INTENSIVE CARE is ideal as night care to regenerate the skin. The highly dosed mistletoe extract is to strengthen the immune system and stimulate cell repair. JOJOBA OIL, “liquid gold”, is water-soluble and penetrates very well into the skin to supply it with moisture. Vitamin E is used as a free radical inhibitor to prevent cell damage. Sericin is well-known for its unique binding ability to proteins. It has the ability of binding to the Keratin (bonding substance between the cells) of the skin and forming a protective film there. This protective film immediately becomes apparent in the form of silky smooth skin and a firming effect.



TIMELESS INTENSIVE CARE is applied after thorough cleansing as night care or as day protection in winter and massaged in lightly. Before applying TIMELESS INTENSIVE CARE, TIMELESS EYE CARE should be applied to the sensitive area around the eyes.