Urban Mask 50ml

Urban Mask 50ml


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Negative environmental influences are real stress factors for your skin! To counteract this effectively, we have developed the Urban Mask, an intensive power mask that balances environmental stress factors thanks to a special microalgae mixture and vegetable oils. The contained ivy extract and phytic acid also give your skin soothing moisture and pamper it with intensive, nourishing care. Your skin looks visibly regenerated and naturally beautiful!

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Express detox mask to protect the skin against environmental damage and high energy ageing
URBAN CARE Mask is an express detox mask with a refreshing, firming effect. The active substances detoxify the skin and remove environmental stress factors. At the same time, it supplies intensive moisture and creates a radiant complexion. The URBAN CARE Mask leaves the skin looking visibly clean, smooth and healthy.
Skin type: suitable for any skin type, especially stressed, sensitive skin.

Active substances:

Osmopur ™
Algativ® Zen
Shea Butter
Theobroma Grandiflorum Seed Butter
Olea Europaea Fruit Oil

Protects again harmful environmental influences
Protects against HEV light
Detox for the skin and connective tissue
Supplies, binds and stores moisture
Smoothing and firming effect
Strengthens the skin’s protective barrier
Moisture booster with a long-term effect
Strengthens the fibroblasts

URBAN CARE Mask should be applied to cleansed skin once or twice per week. Before using the
pack, special eye care should be applied to the area around the eyes. Any of the individually
selectable eye care products from the other Weyergans High Care AG care series are ideal for this.
Apply a thickish layer of the URBAN CARE Mask to the face, neck and décolleté. The pump dispenser
allows economical, hygienic dosing; about five pumps are needed for one application. Allow the pack
to take effect for about 15 to 20 minutes in a relaxed atmosphere, then remove any residue with a
luke-warm, damp compress.