Timeless A-xoin 100ml

Timeless A-xoin 100ml


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Noticeably more elasticity and smoothness – in no time at all!

Timeless A-Xion is the optimal daily care solution for dry, mature combination skin. The breezy, light facial foam immediately provides the skin with new energy. Valuable, natural mistletoe extract promotes skin cell regeneration and enables it as well as the hyaluronic acid to absorb moisture better and store it long-term. Milk peptides also support the elasticity of the skin.

Look forward to a noticeably soft skin feeling and a youthful, fresh, energized complexion!

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TIMELESS A-XION special energy foam is a product for 24-hour facial care. TIMELESS A-XION is highly dosed with moisturizing ingredients, and mistletoe so is particularly suitable for mature combination skin or skin which lacks moisture. TIMELESS A-XION energy foam cares for skin lacking in energy, which is indicated by a pale, tired-looking complexion. Like all the products of the TIMELESS Mistletoe series, TIMELESS A-XION contains mistletoe extract, which is well-known for its ability to repair DNA and its immune-stabilizing effect. The valuable hyaluronic acid contained in the product allows the skin to store moisture. The hyaluronic acid naturally present in the skin is produced at a lower rate after the age of 20, so the skin lacks a binder. The additional moisturizers, vegetable allantoin and uric acid increase the level of moisture on the surface of the skin (Natural Moisturizing Factors). The lactopeptides improve the elasticity of the skin and reduce lines and wrinkles.

The high-quality ingredients contained in TIMELESS A-XION have an immediate and direct effect on the skin; the product has no emulsifiers. Due to the anti-microbial effect of the moisturizers, the preservation of the foam could be reduced.



TIMELESS A-XION is an easy-to-use, rich facial foam. Simply take a walnut-sized amount of TIMELESS A-XION (one pump portion) in the morning after cleansing and spread it on the face, neck and décolleté. The foam is also ideal as a make-up base and has a matt finish. Due to its easy application, TIMELESS A-XION is also popular with men as facial care after shaving.