Crystal Collagen Gel Mask


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Wonderfully refreshing and with an immediate visible effect: discover our Crystal Collagen Gel Mask and pamper your skin with a highly effective mix of minerals and trace elements! Our pleasantly cooling face mask provides your skin with moisture, wrinkles due to dryness are visibly padded, and the skin looks visibly refreshed.

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Active Ingredients: – Sargassum filipendula extract (algae), -hyaluron -arbutin, NMF property: The crystal collagen gel mask is a gel mask for the face. The contained Sargassum Fulupendula extract, is a brown algae and produces algae-collagen. It counteracts wrinkles, protects the skin and nourishes it with minerals and trace elements. The active ingredient hyaluron binds to retain moisture and stores it in the connective tissue matrix. This gives the skin a smooth and plump appearance. Arbutin is a natural active ingredient that can brighten up pigmentation and a compensate for an uneven skin complexion. The NMF combats existing cornfields and prevents an instant regeneration. Directions for use: Apply the die-cut crystal collagen gel mask gently out of the box. The mask is pre-punched and can be placed directly on the face according to the face shape. Press the mask with wet fingers so that it touches the entire face. After 30 minutes of exposure, peel the crystal collagen gel mask from your face and massage the remaining gel remnants or remove with a warm compress. The crystal collagen gel mask is suitable for all skin types and is particularly as a cooling summer treat.

Tip: wonderfully refreshing and pleasant cooling effect during the artificial tanning, – especially at high pressure tanners. Prevents against premature burning in the sun (UV -B-filter); the tanning power itself will not be affected. Cooling gel mask with immediate visible effect – suitable men’s mask – High-quality ingredients tighten, moisturise and regenerate the skin – ideal for combination and oily skin.

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