Pure Feel Good 50ml

Pure Feel Good 50ml


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Pure Feel Good is the perfect care experience for skin and senses! Our activating day cream gives your skin everything it needs to shine from the inside thanks to unique ingredients such as Phragmites Kharka Extract. Look forward to a wonderfully rosy complexion, a youthful, fresh glow and a 100% smooth skin feeling! The sensual fragrance of orchid, peach and magnolia caresses the soul and turns your daily care ritual into an extraordinary pampering experience. Take the time to feel good all around!

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Active ingredients


Phragmites Kharka extract (tropical reed)

Poria Cocos extract (Fu Ling)




Caution: active!


Feelgood was created with the aim of giving the skin the softest, smoothest feeling imaginable. Learn to fall in love with your skin all over again; in this way, your complexion gets what it needs most: strength and well-being from the inside out. The noticeable skin feeling is emphasized by a fragrance composed of first quality extracts such as orchid, magnolia, honeysuckle and peach. After applying the creme, a pleasant feeling of warmth may occur.


See for yourself – your skin will feel radiant too!


Apply after cleansing as a day or night care. Can also be used to care for the neck and décolleté. Any residue should be massaged into the skin.


“Feelgood” can be used for any age and any skin type.


As a matter of principle, WEYERGANS HIGH CARE AG does not carry out tests on animals. All preparations are exclusively tested in the laboratory (in vitro) and on people(in vivo). Based on these tests, no contraindications exist.