Urban Day Cream 50ml/100ml

Urban Day Cream 50ml/100ml


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Today‘s modern lifestyle causes an invisible strain on your skin due to stress factors that can hardly be avoided in everyday life: exhaust gases, UV radiation or the blue light of your PC. The anti-oxidative day care Urban Day Cream protects your skin against free radicals caused by external, harmful environmental influences thanks to special microalgae.

The contained seaweed compensates moisture deficits and valuable oils strengthen the skin barrier. Your skin feels smooth and soft and noticeably tightened. The complexion looks visibly smooth and shines rosy-fresh!

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Highly concentrated day cream to protect against environmental damage and high energy ageing
URBAN CARE Day Cream increases protection of the skin against external influences and environmental pollution and supplies the skin with a 12-hour moisture boost. The light formula is refreshing with a refreshing fragrance. The high-grade ingredients strengthen the resilience of the skin and support the natural regeneration of the skin when it is exposed to environmental pollution. The light cream actively counteracts oxidative stress, activates the skin’s defence mechanism and thus minimizes lines and wrinkles.
Skin type: suitable for any skin type, especially stressed, sensitive skin.

Active substances:

Osmopur ™
Algativ® Zen
Chondrus Crispus (Caragreen) Extract
Theobroma Grandiflorum Seed Butter
Soya Oil


Mild, thorough cleansing is important before using the URBAN CARE Day Cream to best prepare the skin for the following active substances. After toning with a tonic appropriate to skin type, apply a sufficient amount to the skin and massage in gently.
Protects again harmful environmental influences
Protects against HEV light
Detox for the skin and connective tissue
Supplies, binds and stores moisture
Smoothing and firming effect
Strengthens the skin’s protective barrier
Moisture booster with a long-term effect
Strengthens the fibroblasts

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50ml, 100ml