Pro Shape Body Styler (60 min.)

Pro Shape Body Styler (60 min.)



Deacidification and detoxification in the “beauty tent”
The ratio of acids to bases in the body is very important for the functioning of all metabolic processes. A balance between acids and bases is required for normal metabolism. This balance is decisive for our well-being and the firmness of the skin and connective tissue. Improper diet, lack of exercise, stress or diseases such as diabetes can lead to over-acidification of the tissue. Then it is time for effective, medical-cosmetic treatment by Weyergans High Care®.

With the Pro Shape Body Styler, you can relax for 45 minutes in the beauty ion tent and feel fresh, toned and healthy again. Because only a liberated body shows its true beauty on the outside.


Pro Shape Body Styler emits highly concentrated ions into the special antistatic Dermio bag. The objective is to improve the skin appearance specifically in combination with an acid/base oriented regime.

Dermionology is aimed at customers with high demands regarding their anti -ageing procedures and immediately visible and noticeable treatments results.

The treatment is innovative and due to the patent protection is unique and exclusive. The treatment usually takes 45 minutes and it is a very pleasant treatment overall. The treatment is suitable for everyone, depending on individual consultation. A side effect may be a strong urge to pass water. You would feel very fresh as lymph problems on your feet would disappear and your skin would look amazing.
The Dermio Body Concepts is the treatment method of the future.