The high-quality, cosmetic products from High Care ® Cosmetics
Unique on the market and proven for many years, selected preparations from the Blue Line and Nutri Care series from High Care ® Cosmetics support the treatment of cellulite. Exclusive ingredients are intended to optimize the improvement of the skin’s appearance: ivy, marigold and leg wave extracts to stimulate the lymphatic flow, thymus extract and caffeine to activate fat metabolism, firbostimulin to tighten connective tissue, and carnitine and liposomes as effective enhancers. All preparations work individually and stand for unmatched high quality.
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    Do you also like to enjoy a good cup of tea? Our Styler Tea not only tastes good but also convinces with its effective ingredients! Styler Tea consists of a balanced mixture of selected teas such as green tea, mate tea, lapacho and rooibos. Enjoyed regularly, it supports the body in cleaning the interstitial cells and the fat tissue.
    Especially when the tissue of the skin is over acidified, the skin slackens, or cellulite appears, Styler Tea can help to increase the pH value between the tissues and stimulate collagen synthesis. In addition, the individual components of the tea are known for their immune system stabilizing properties. Drink yourself healthy, beautiful, vital and awake!
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    Styler Cream 100ml/250ml

    The Styler Creme is our absolute anti-cellulite highlight! Because even cellulite that is already visible can effectively be improved thanks to high-quality, herbal extracts when used regularly. Styler Creme also supports lymph flow and thus promotes blood circulation of the skin. The proven anti-cellulite formula is an original product of the differentiated cellulite treatment.
  • Exercise and a healthy diet can have a positive effect on skin texture, but the problem areas can often not be combated entirely. Our activating roll-on starts right here: uncomplicated and practical to use. It specifically treats cellulite on the thighs and buttocks! Thanks to highly active ingredients, our special problem area product locally supports the intracellular combustion of depot fats and increases the oxygen absorption in the tissue. The >> AE << stick is used as cure treatment over a period of 14 days and is applied locally two to three times a week after this time. The reddening of the skin is desired and shows the cellulite-reducing effect. The result: A significant reduction of unsightly dimples in the problem areas and a visibly more aesthetic complexion!
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    Cinnamon Cream 250ml

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    Our popular cinnamon cream not only bewitches with its sensual fragrance but also improves your skin texture in case of cellulite! The special body cream contains activating extracts and valuable oils, which ensure optimal blood circulation of the skin and counteract unsightly dimples on the thighs and buttocks if uses regularly. The intensely nourishing ingredients also ensure silky-smooth and wonderfully supple skin. Enjoy this daily care ritual and look forward to a new skin feeling!
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    Especially when things have to happen quickly or in warm temperatures, we are looking for a light, fast-absorbing body care. To offer you our highly effective anticellulite classic product, we have developed a significantly lighter and modernised version of the popular Styler Creme for you. The Styler Creme Neo convinces with a feather-light texture, its soothing, pleasant fragrance and of course also a unique anticellulite effect! The body cream contains high-quality, herbal extracts that support active lymph flow and thereby can visibly reduce cellulite.
  • Say goodbye to your love handles! The latest scientific research results have now invented an innovative, plant-based active ingredient complex that promises properties similar to those of lipolysis. The high-quality, red spray guarantees slimming performance at the highest level! The active formula is used specifically to treat problem areas on the abdomen, legs, buttocks and upper arms. Simply Red gives you an improved body contour and silhouette. In addition to the innovative phyto complex, the skin is supplied with microalgae, progressive nicotinates and caffeine. Say goodbye to your love handles!
  • The connective tissue becomes weaker and weaker with age. The skin is saggy and increasingly prone to cellulite. However, weak connective tissue can also be genetic and unattractive dimples can also occur in problem areas at a young age. We developed Alpha Mousse to positively influence cellulite and weak connective tissue! The highly effective body foam contains a combination of the highest quality ingredients to make your skin appear even and smooth again. The contained Phyto complex acts with deep skin layers, caffeine and escin also stimulate the blood circulation. Look forward to a toned complexion and a better body feeling!