Mechanical lymph drainage

Mechanical lymph drainage with the original Slide Styler leads to the decongestion of metabolic waste products in cases of cellulite and the decongestion of oedematous tissue swellings on the extremities. The aim of the treatment is to reduce girth and smoothe the skin.
The sleeves consist of overlapping air chambers guaranteeing optimum treatment results, while the pressure built up is carried out without interruption. The pressure intensity is infinitely variable from a minimum pressure of 20 Mbar, which is indispensable for extremely slack skin so that the lymph vessels are not pressed. The highest pressure is 150 mbar.

Mechanical lymph drainage is an important component for all customers in the framework of a Differential Cellulite Treatment or care of the shape and figure. Slide Styler is also a high-end treatment after lipolyses, ultrasounds or Rf applications. It can also be used in combination with metabolism therapies and supports detoxification in connection with your diet. It is particularly beneficial for customers with tired, swollen feet and legs or regeneration after sports activities.

This procedure is suitable for persons with a sedentary lifestyle, obesity, cellulitis, venous reflux disorder, at physical overload, and prevention of leg diseases. Already after the first procedure heaviness in the legs disappears, swelling and fatigue in the feet is reduced, feeling of lightness is throughout the body. The result is tangible, visible and measurable.

The average duration of treatment is 30 mins. As rule therapy of 10 sessions  ( two treatments per week ) then maintenance treatments once per month.