Intermittent Vacuum Therapy x10

Intermittent Vacuum Therapy x10

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Visible and sensible effects:

  • Lymphatic drainage / significant reduction of circumference & improved detoxification effect,  slimming & detox
  • Firming of connective tissue è increased collagen synthesis by improved blood circulation, reduction of cellulite
  • General improvement of blood circulation, passive vascular training & prevention against leg diseases
  • Quicker rehabilitation after pre-and post-surgical interventions (e.g. liposuction)
  • Reduction of spider veins & prevention of varicose veins


  1. Intermittent Vacuum Therapy – Vacustyler ® Avantgarde

Space technology for good figure and good health

There is a new method during which you are alternately treated with a vacuum- and overpressure waves. The technique was originally applied in manned space travel. It is used by NASA to ensure the astronauts‘ blood circulation in weightlessness.

The same procedure is also used in modern medicine for circulatory disorders, spider veins, varicose veins and tired or swollen feet and legs.

For use in modern figure and health care, the technology was additionally equipped with a special‚ ‘Beautylight module‘ – a study shows how intensive red and near-infrared light can strengthen the collagen density (connective tissue).

The treatment only lasts 25 minutes and takes place in a comfortable lying position.

Feel the new lightness!

With the Vacustyler ® Avantgarde negative and positive pressure treatment, enjoy the good feeling of having done the best for beautiful skin, a good figure and healthy vitality. Feel the difference!

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