Wonderfully refreshing and with an immediate visible effect: discover our Crystal Collagen Gel Mask and pamper your skin with highly effective seaweed collagen, soothing plant extract acids, a mix of minerals and trace elements! Our pleasantly cooling face mask provides your skin with moisture, wrinkles due to dryness are visibly padded, and the skin looks visibly refreshed.
Ultrasound infiltrates active substances into the dermis and thereby produces anti-ageing and regenerative effects. In addition to the sonophoretic action, it also has a massage effect arising deep down in the skin or in the muscles due to the micro-vibrations. Furthermore, it improves circulation and lymph flow and can thus contribute to activation of cell metabolism and to an increase of pH value in the case of hyper acidic tissue. In this way, ultrasound treatments help to promote the elasticity of the tissue (collagen synthesis).

Vacuum suction:

  • Stimulates fibroblasts (cells that produce collagen), which firms the skin
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Reduces non-medical swelling and puffiness
  • Improves skin texture by reducing dead skin
  • Treats acne by unclogging and tightening up pores